Monday, July 07, 2014

Reconnected To Another HERO

Last 2 years I received a call (or sms) from Dr. Tang. She asked me to do a favour for her. There was a new patient from Kuantan and she wanted me to call the mother to share my experience on Jaja's first admission to Hospital Selayang. I said ok right away and gave the mother a call.

I called her, shared my experience and told her not to be afraid. She was actually concern about the bone marrow procedure biopsy. This biopsy is normally done to rule out other possibilities such as Leukimia or Cancer. After few minutes we ended the conversation and I hope she did the right decision to treat her daughter at Hospital Selayang. I didn't contact her after that.

Last few days, I reconnected with an ex-schoolmate through Facebook. She's living in Kuantan too, just like me. Then she messaged me through the messenger. She told me that her 4 yo daughter has JIA and guess what she said next?

"So it was really you Odie (my nickname) who called me last two years".

OMG, it was the mother whom I called! I didn't realized she was my ex-schoolmate. We chatted more and exchange numbers. I was really glad. Glad to help her in the first place and glad that she's actually a friend. 

To Ina Mail, our daughters are HERO. Hope to meet Zizi soon ;-)

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