Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Invisible Pain

I have a draft in my postbox. It's about how Jaja was doing well after 4 months of free from medication since December 2013. However, that post might not be relevant anymore. For the past 1 month Jaja has been complaining about some pains here and there. At first I thought she was just tired because she has been attending sport practices in the evening. But then, the sport practices have been postponed due to hot weather. And yet she's still complaining the same thing.

Something is just not right. Lately, she has some difficulties to wake up in the morning. She seems stiffed. When it's time to bathe, she asked me to help to undo her pajamas. She told me that her fingers and legs are in pain. Although she was not crying, but I can see how lethargic she was. One good thing about Jaja now she is able to describe her pain. And this makes me easier to jot down her pains in my journal that I created just for her.

So today I wrote an email to her rheumy. And boy, I got an immediate response. She asked us to come to see her as soon as possible. As I expected and feared most, she's afraid that Jaja's arthritis is active again. I don't want her to take the meds again but in the same time, I don't want her to suffer in pain. Actually I was very hopeful and confident that she'll be fine for the rest of her life after stopping the meds, though her rheumy did warned me that it might strike back (flaring). Looks like it just did...

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Ainur68 said...

Feel sorry for Jaja. Semoga Allah beri kesembuhan.