Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Other Stories

Note: This is an old post that I forget to publish.. Hehh..

Just now while waiting for Jaja's turn to see her rheumy, I exchange conversation with a mother. She is also like me, accompanying her daughter for check-up. It's easy to identify kids with SLE or JIA because most of them tend to have cute moon face. Being me, I can't help myself to smile and ask about her daughter. It struck my heart to know that her daughter is not just suffering from SLE but also kidney failure- stage 5. But yet the innocent face of her 13 year old daughter remained calm as she listened to our conversation. She didn't look despair at all. The mother told me that her frequent trips to the Selayang Hospital made her move to KL about one year ago. They were from Perlis. And that is like 6 hours drive to KL.

These kind of stories made me bersyukur because Jaja's condition is still under control compared to other patients. Most mothers whom I met will not believed Jaja has JIA because she looks perfectly normal. Not until I told about Jaja's ordeal before getting proper treatment. At that point, they can relate to their kids.

Frankly speaking Jaja is coping very well with her JIA. Her rheumies are impressed with her tremendous improvement. Jaja weaned off from Prednisolone quite early compared to other kids her age. She did had the moon face look but just for a short period. Looking at her now, you won't believe she has JIA. She's tall and looks normal except for that little finger. I guess that crooked little finger will serve as a reminder that she's a JIA kiddo.

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