Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Run Irin Run!!

Sakura season is coming again and I haven't blog about our Japan trip last year.. muah muah muah. How should I start eh? I think what I'll do is to post some stuff randomly. Aku bukannya terrer tulis karangan panjang2 nih.

It was a 10 day trip, starting from Tokyo and ends at Tokyo again :-p Well, when Air Asia was having the promo, we just bought return tickets from KUL to HND without any plan. It's like "Eh tiket murah, jom pi Jepun tengok Sakura". Hehehe.. macam ajak pi pasar lak. We only plan our route after buying the tickets. Frankly speaking I only studied the Japan map 2 months before the trip. Masatuh barulah sedar it would be better to end our trip at Osaka instead of Tokyo again. Tapi apakan daya tiket dah beli, so we just plan our best to cover Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka in 10 days.

Us cam-whoring in the JR Train.
Initially, Chot was given the responsibility to do the itinerary since I don't know anything about Japan (though I work with one). And Chot pandai cakap Jepun (alasan yang tak munasabah hahaha). Tapi sebab dia busy memanjang maka aku dengan Sareque pun take over. Mak2 jugak kena buat khennn :-p Like everyone else, we chose the places that we wanted to visit and plan the route. Planning for Fuji- Osaka was the hardest because there was no much info in the net. Nanti aku story the funny incident in Fuji hahaha

Saat2 nyaris ditinggal kapal terbang hahaha.. Nun di hujung sana adalah Irin sedang berlari kehkehkeh
Oh, btw this was another funny incident. All of us arrived at LCCT early but end up running (err.. aku, Chot and Sareque jalan laju jek sebenarnya hehehe) for our lives to get on that plane. Apparently we didn't notice it was time to board until we saw it was 'Final Call' for our flight on the Departure/Arrival board. Dah terminal tuh dok announce final call for Kansai, Kansai, Kansai. Memang ler kitorang buat bodoh jek. We were heading to Tokyo, not Osaka. Bongok betul announcer tuh.

Anyway, we managed to board of course hehehe. If not bag kitorang jelah sampai Tokyo kihkihkih


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Sareque said...

Announcer bongok or kite yang pekak hahaha