Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Japan Trip

I can't believe I'm going to Japan this weekend with my buddies. Yes, it's girls trip again. Last trip we had was in 2011. You can read the chronicles of our Euro Trip in Adzue's blog. Just click the June-July 2011 entries. Aku bila baca balik, mmg sengih tak henti2. Trip Japan nih siapalah nak blog ek?

This time the crowd is smaller. It will be just me, Chot, Sareque and Irin. Adzue tak join sbb dia selalu pergi Japan for work related. Others were tied with work and didn't had budget when we were in planning stage. As for me, I'm always fascinated with Japan- the culture, the people, the places. So, when Chot suggested Japan, I said yes straight away.

Unlike UK trip, this time I'm going backpacking style. Will be lugging my 32L Deuter backpack and my newly purchased Crumpler camera bag for this trip. Yes, I bought a smaller lightweight camera bag just for this trip :-p My Lowepro backpack is quite bulky to pair with my Deuter. I haven't pack my things yet *gubra* Hopefully 32L is roomy enough for my clothes and 'hasil tangkapan' shopping.

We've been Whatsapping each other on the plans and itinerary for the past few months. In the early stage of planning I told Chot that I know nothing about Japan and I'll leave it to her to plan the itinerary because she knows better. Tapi last2 aku ngan Sareque yang buat sebab dia busy benor :-p I even bought Lonely Planet Japan just to know more about the Land of Rising Sun. We have just finalized our itinerary last week and I hope we have enough time to visit all the places we have listed. We'll start at Tokyo and then to Kawaguchiko to see the majestic Mt. Fuji. From there, we will travel to Osaka via Shinkansen. The last pit stop will be Kyoto before returning to Tokyo for our flight back to Malaysia.

Oklah, sekian percubaan untuk blog about this trip :-p Insya Allah, I'll share our experience here. Rasa rugi pulak kalau tak jot down. Semoga aku gigih seperti Adzue.

Shibuya aku datang!!
Source: Google Image


Ellerq said...

enjoy your trip!!!

*ya Allah, rajinkan la odie menulis pasal japan trip nih nanti...aminnn* hehe...

Anonymous said...

Ganbatte, Didie-san!

Yan said...

omg!! u girls r gonna hv so much fun!! Enjoy :-) LOVE kyoto, n d toiletshhe